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DNR Hoosier Outdoor Experience

If you have not attended this event with your family in the past then this is your year! Bring the family, enjoy the event and sign up to volunteer for a few hours. NITRO will be partnering with HMBA and will have a booth set up in the mountain biking area with our KID ZONE skills features to help with the HMBA MTB RIDE.
This is the largest DNR event in the state. There are lots of ways to help! Give relief for restroom breaks, fit helmets, size bikes for beginning riders, help in the skills area, ride leaders and sweepers on a one mile beginner ride at Fort Harrison or simply talk to people about IMBA and our local chapters NITRO and HMBA. There are jobs for all family members and we need about 30 volunteers each day. PM me if you have a few hours to donate! 30,000 attend this event!

Volunteer’s Needed – HMBA – Hoosier Outdoor Experience
September 19 – September 20
Fort Harrison State Park

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