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Franke Trail Update 7/25

Franke Trail Conditions…East Loop – awesome, Mid Loop – awesome, West Loop – bad but drying, will still need some tlc over the next couple of weeks to fix trail damage from wet running and biking. Cross the creek – awesome but still some wet spots. You would think we would be totally dry by now but unless you saw the park following the storms you really have no idea what a mess we had along the entire system.
Recommendations: use caution when you come up on areas that had been really wet; after the long bridge on East Loop (EL), Railroad section on EL, after Roller Coaster on the way out of EL, after the Boy Scout bridge on ML, avoid WL, Goshen Return after the bridge (the swamp is still overflowing on to the trail) and connector from Goshen to Christmas is still soft.
Also use caution coming off of Switchback where a large tree is uprooted and took some of the trail tread with it and there is a small section along the creek where the trail fell in to the creek.

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